Our Staff

Over the years, MPU has been made possible with all its efforts and actions through a number of incredibly generous, talented people. People who've come together with a unique set of skills, knowledge and energy, that have powered us for more than 2 decades.

The Current Team

jaytizzle (Jay)

Jaytee (Jay)

missingo (Ben)

missingo (Ben)

jzh (Brendan)

Jzh (Brendan)

qmix (James)

qMix (James)

Previous Team Members

Bane (Brent)

Markman (Mark)

BiZaRo (Gavin)

Shearg (Darren)

Vern (Daniel)

Giovani (John)

Gav (Gavin)

Alshandra (Bek)

Heardy (Steven)

FiREFLy (Michael)

Eminem (Jordan)

2bad (Andrew)

natslovR (Nick)

bertie (Brett)

fuz|on (Paul)

Genesis (Ben)

frzn (Matt)

Blade Hunter (Dan)