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We are Multiplayer United

Est. 1997 - we're one of Australia's oldest gaming communities! From classic BYO LAN parties, exhibitions, to online multiplayer gaming; we promote fair play, and some great gaming adventures!

A small roadmap

A small roadmap

22/Jan/2021 @ 08:44:43 - jaytee

MPU’s a potentially messy creature by nature. With servers, and community management, website development, game integration, and more all in the works. I felt I should put it down on paper what I’m currently looking at and what I hope to achieve over Q1, 2021 at least.

Rust servers revamp

Rust servers revamp

22/Jan/2021 @ 07:17:30 - jaytee

After a fairly hectic week of discussion and looking at the way things are set up, we took a long hard look at the most popular servers around in Australia, to try and come up with our own little server, that’ll keep things fair and fun for all.

Rust Servers Rules and Upcoming Moderators

19/Jan/2021 @ 09:36:12 - jaytee

We’ve had a spate of cheaters, accusations, and issues with the gamers on one of our Rust servers – we’re investigating and will be updating with Rules & new moderators for the community to combat this

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Game Server Status
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Server Players Status
AU/NZ - MPU - CS1.6 24x7 GunGame 0/32 ONLINE
AU/NZ - MPU - CS1.6 24x7 Bloodstrike 0/32 ONLINE
21/01 [AU/NZ] - Solos/Duos|Weekly 0/100 ONLINE
23/01 [AU/NZ] - Monthly 1/44 ONLINE