History of Multiplayer United

Multiplayer United (MPU) has been in operation for more than 2 decades – and over the years, we’ve had a lot of activity and history spanning many people, venues, and organisations. We’ve filled in the data where possible, but some may be missing. If you’ve got some info or bits of history you’d be able to help us out with, please feel free to let us know in Discord!

1997– MPU starts!
29 November: LAN Party
1998Wireplay Frag U is run (id software, Tim Willits are there!)
31 January: LAN Party
07 March: LAN Party
18 April: LAN Party
16 May: LAN Party [ 50 player milestone ]
20 June: LAN Party
01 August: LAN Party [ 100 player milestone ]
12 September: LAN Party
17 October: LAN Party @ Souths Leagues Club
07 November: LAN Party @ Balmain Leagues Club
19 December: LAN Party @ Australian Technology Park [ 200 player milestone ]
199906 February – MPU is in Sydney Morning Herald’s Icon section Online or Photo of Hard Copy

NOTE: Events run from this point onwards, were all held at Parramatta Masonic Club

April: LAN Party
May: LAN Party [ 250 player milestone ]
August: LAN Party
September: LAN Party
December: LAN Party
200015 July: LAN Party
12 August: LAN Party
16 September: LAN Party
07 October: LAN Party
11 November: LAN Party
16 December: LAN Party
200113 January: LAN Party
24 February: LAN Party
17 March: LAN Party
28 April: LAN Party
26 May: LAN Party
14 July: LAN Party
18 August: LAN Party
15 September: LAN Party
8 November: LAN Party (Xbox Pre-Launch LAN Party)
15 December: LAN Party
200209 February: LAN Party
09 March: LAN Party
20 April: LAN Party
08 June: LAN Party
20 July: LAN Party
24 August: LAN Party
12 October: LAN Party
16 November: LAN Party
14 December: LAN Party
200308 February: LAN Party
08 March: LAN Party
12 April: LAN Party
10 May: LAN Party
14 June: LAN Party
12 July: LAN Party
09 August: LAN Party
30/31 August: World Cyber Games (WCG) Australia – Grand Finals + BYOPC LAN
13 September: LAN Party
11 October: LAN Party
15 November: LAN Party
13 December: LAN Party
200407 February: LAN Party
20 March: LAN Party
17 April: LAN Party
15 May: LAN Party
19 June: LAN Party
200530 April: LAN Party
21 May: LAN Party
16 July: LAN Party
13 August: LAN Party
03 October: MPU announces “Game Over” and looks towards stopp LAN Parties
2006MPU went on hiatus, before returning in a community support focused role
200722 January: MPU announces that it’s “Closing it’s doors” and goes into hiatus again
2011Bane meets with Jaytee and missingo – Jaytee and missingo take over ownership and stewardship of MPU
2012MaqLAN #2: LAN Party
2013PAX Australia 2013: PC Freeplay Area (We even recorded it on YouTube.)
2014PAX Australia 2014: PC Freeplay Area
2015PAX Australia 2015: PC Freeplay Area
2016GX Australia: PC Freeplay Area
eLeague.gg Autumn LAN 2016
eLeague.gg Winter LAN 2016
2017eLeague.gg Autumn LAN 2017
2018LAN parties are in decline, MPU enters its second hiatus
2020January: COVID-19 Pandemic affects events around the world, MPU decides to return in a different capacity
202110 January: – mpu.com.au gets reactivated and MPU returns to keep a bit of history on the internet 🙂