About Us

We are Multiplayer United (MPU for short). One of the oldest gaming communities in Australia - we started out as a premiere LAN Party event all the way back in 1997 based in the Sydney, Australia area.

The times have changed however; PCs have since gotten faster, consoles are more powerful, mobile phones are capable of gaming, and high speed internet access is far more ubiquitous than those good old turn-of-the-millenium days. MPU has evolved over the years from being a LAN and PC Gaming organisation support service (hardware, networking, etc.) for other larger expos such as PAX Australia, Supanova, SMASH, to other now past LAN parties like SOGC, Sydney Gamers League, MaqLAN, and more.

Nowadays, with the craziness of 2020, we've found ourselves returning to our roots, as life moves on, and we adjust to things like COVID-19; we find ourselves returning to just having a grand old time playing games together.