Information about our Minecraft Servers, custom commands, and more!

Game Server Info

MPU Minecraft Server
Vanilla Survival
This server is a survival server! It:

  • has custom recipes
  • has custom commands
  • is moderated by our Staff
All other Feedback & Support please see our Discord

About our Minecraft Server

Our server is based on the Mojang dedicated server jar - meaning we can keep up with official updates at will. We're a Survival mode server with an active whitelist. We try to give players as much freedom as possible;

Connecting to our Server

To connect to our server, you'll need to be whitelisted. Simply follow these directions and you'll be able to play in no time:

  1. Join our Discord Server
  2. Hop into the #minecraft channel in Game Servers
  3. Send a message to the channel !maid whitelist YOURMINECRAFTNAME
  4. You should receive a reply from MPU Minecraft bot that you're now whitelisted
  5. Hop into Minecraft > Multiplayer > Add Server
  6. Add the address minecraft.mpu.com.au
  7. Connect! Have fun!


Minecraft is our more "chill" game of the community - and we like to focus towards being that. It's a place to unwind, unleash some creativity, maybe prank a few friends, etc. Pretty much anything goes on our server, but there's a few hardline rules:

  • No glitching, hacking, ban evasion - straight to permaban.
  • Do not impersonate Admins, or Abuse them - they're there to help you out with any issues, everyone is playing for fun. Instant permaban!
  • Do not be racist, sexist, etc. - that'll result in a 3 day ban, instantly
  • No racist symbols/signs - it's 2021, stop that. Admins will remove these without warning, do it more than once and it's by Admin discretion if you're banned.
  • No Advertising - bannable offense. You're on our servers to have fun, and play Minecraft
  • No Real Life Threats - If things being said and done are crossing over from in-game, to IRL. Call the police, and let us know, we can provide connection info to them.
  • No Doxxing - Respect privacy! Any release of personal identifiable information without permission is an immediate permaban. If bad enough, Police will be involved.

Specifically to Minecraft...

  • There's really no need to steal other people's stuff. Repeatedly doing so will result in a ban at Admin discretion
  • Don't break other people's stuff. You'll have to help them either repair/rebuild it, or face a temporary ban.
  • Don't grief people; you can muck around, sure. But if it reaches a point that it's consistent harassment, Admins will take action


Discord Commands
Command Description
!maid whitelist [minecraft-name] Adds [minecraft-name] to our whitelist
Minecraft Commands
Command Description
!maid spawn Teleports you to Spawn
(10 minute cooldown)
!maid enderchest Gives you an Enderchest
(24 hour Cooldown)

Custom Recipes

Recipe Description
Diamond Horse Armor
Gold Horse Armor
Iron Horse Armor
Slime Ball
Name Tag


Stats are coming soon!