Multiplayer United

We are Multiplayer United

Est. 1997 - we're one of Australia's oldest gaming communities! From classic BYO LAN parties, exhibitions, to online multiplayer gaming; we promote fair play, and some great gaming adventures!

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Running game servers, and keeping things online actually does cost quite a bit of money - and we'd really appreciate your help in keeping a bit of Aussie Gaming History online!

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Game Server Status
Click on a Server Name to join! (Steam/Game Launcher may be Required)
Server Players Status
AU/NZ - MPU - CS1.6 24x7 GunGame / OFFLINE
AU/NZ - MPU - CS1.6 24x7 Bloodstrike / OFFLINE
26/02 [AU/NZ] - Solos/Duos|Weekly / OFFLINE
11/05 [AU/NZ] - Monthly / OFFLINE
MPU Minecraft Server / OFFLINE