29th November, 1997

We’re missing some photos from this event! If you have any – please let us know!

There aren’t any photos we’ve been able to find so far (please let us know if you have some!)

But some details of this event are:

  • This was MPU’s first LAN party event
  • No competitions were run at this event
  • Below, is most of the info pulled from this WebArchive capture

DOOR PRIZES (and their winners)

ShadowCopy of Earth 2140, from the Gamesmen
GiovaniCopy of Dark Reign from Village Interactive
StalwartMultiplay Kit from Multiplay Online Gaming
BearMultiplay Kit from Multiplay Online Gaming
Vern3 Month Subscription to Multiplay Online Gaming

Everyone who participated in the event also got…

  • Virgin Demo CD from the Gamesmen
  • T-shirt (either Red Alert or Dark Reign) provided by the Gamesmen
  • Interstate Key Ring provided by the Gamesmen
  • Multiplay Mouse Pad from Multiplay
  • Mars Bar
  • Can of Coke
  • 303 Car Potectant
  • 303 Mini Screen Wipe
  • Dark Reign Demo CDs

There was even feedback!

Subject: RE: Saturday
   Date: Mon, 1 Dec 1997 10:56:07 +1100
   From: GreySeer
   To: “‘Brent'”

Well, I must say that I was impressed. The three of us had fun and it was
worth the hour drive to come and play against some new faces.

It was well organised and everything went very smoothly. ( Except it took
me ages to get my damn pooter running because I had the wrong version of my
SCSI miniport driver loaded ). I would have liked to stay longer but our
lift had to get home by 7:30pm.

It’s very likely you will see us again some time. Especially if you hold
any kind of comp. We do play other games aside from Quake, but as you know,
at any kind of LAN day, Quake gets played the most. We don’t really play
Dark Reign, which I think was the only other game played while we were

A fun time was had by all, see you again sometime,

GreySeer ( and the other guys from DANGG, Knight and Stalwart )

P.S.  I was so happy when I said “What frame type are we using” and the
reply wasn’t “What’s a frame type?”. It’s such a pain to set everybody’s
computer to a frame type and it shows that you guys really know our stuff