Past Events & History Updates

Past Events & History Updates

15/Jan/2021 @ 07:03:34 - jaytee

We’ve started adding in content from our historical timeline – event pages will have summaries of competition results, event notes, and media wherever we can find them. But we need your help!

MPU has 24 years of activity to its name. 24 years – that’s a lot of history, and with the turbulent times of the ’90s, ’00s, and ’10s — a lot of that is lost to the aether of time and the internet.

I’ve started filling in whatever historical data I can find this includes (and is not limited to):

  • LAN Party info pages
  • Competition Results
  • News Posts
  • Photos
  • Videos

And more!

However, missingo, and myself – only have so much media we’ve been able to track down. It’s going to take time to curate and add all this back online, but it’s a project of passion – something that really shouldn’t be lost to us. MPU and LANs in general were a big part of a lot of gamer history to a lot of us now 30-somethings.

If you have any sort of media, information or content you can help provide for some of the stuff that’s happened on the timeline, please don’t hesitate to find us on Discord