We’re back online!

13/Jan/2021 @ 04:26:15 - jaytee

It’s been a while folks – but after a huge hiatus, we’re finally back online. MPU lost its direction for a little while, followed by the shenanigans of COVID in 2020; I had to come to a decision of whether or not I’d let MPU just die out, or continue on with it.

After a hiatus over the last few years, and with the craziness of 2020, COVID-19 and all the whackiness in the world, now more than ever might be a great time to bring back MPU.

We’re transforming into something still run entirely by volunteers, but more focused on being a gaming community, together.

Our website is still heavily under construction but the main goal is to drive people to our Discord server, and our game servers. Gamers will be able to find out more info here about commands/mods that are related to each of these servers, as well as a history of our multi-decade long gaming journey.

Welcome back, gamer.