Minecraft 1.17 Update!

Minecraft 1.17 Update!

22/Jun/2021 @ 02:10:28 - jaytee

Our Minecraft server has been updated to 1.17, Part 1 of the Cave Update! And with it, we’ve got an idea on how to keep our server world persistent, while still taking updates into account!

The new Spawn Point island for 1.17

We’ve now updated our server now to Minecraft version 1.17 – which means some updates have happened!

Going forward, we’re going to KEEP our spawn islands based on each version of Minecraft! You’ll now find a book on a lectern mentioning which version’s spawnpoint you’re at, and when the spawnpoint was created. There’ll be a button that will let you move between the two spawn points with a quick teleport as well.

When we have more than two versions updated, we’ll work on building a Spawn Hub which will let you move between any of the prior versions (say, when Minecraft 1.18 comes out).

JT is focusing heavily on trying to keep our server as vanilla as possible – with the use of data packs to provide extra functionality wherever possible. This way, we can as usual, stay at the bleeding edge of Minecraft!