A small roadmap

A small roadmap

22/Jan/2021 @ 08:44:43 - jaytee

MPU’s a potentially messy creature by nature. With servers, and community management, website development, game integration, and more all in the works. I felt I should put it down on paper what I’m currently looking at and what I hope to achieve over Q1, 2021 at least.

I think I should take the opportunity to highlight what is happening with MPU; and where I think it is going over Q1 of 2021 with you guys.

MPU at present, is mostly being directed by yours truly right now, although the kind efforts of some friends means that we’ll have new staff joining the fray shortly.

I actually originally intended to keep this site with two goals in mind:

  1. To keep the history behind MPU online and remembered somewhere beyond just the WayBackMachine
  2. To keep the community alive somehow

So, to that end – let’s tackle Goal 1.

I’ve got the site online and running, and am slowly working on (time and life permitting) collating all the photos, news posts, and info from the past, back onto this domain wherever I can find it.

That’s well underway and in-progress; if you know someone who used to attend or has any photos or info about the past, please hit me up on our Discord server!

As for Goal 2

Well, I’m not sure how I can keep a community that no longer does it’s original focus (LAN parties) alive, especially given the recent climate of well, a global viral pandemic. Bear with me here, as I’m going to go on a little bit of a rant… (or, see you later, enjoy the site!)

The one common thing we do have, is a passion for games. Multiplayer games in particular.

So I think the next best step is to use the wonderful technology we have today (but didn’t in the 90s, 00s) – and run an online gaming community until such a time that LAN parties are a possibility again.

I had originally intended to start with Counter-Strike 1.6, and go through a list of retro games, filling out the servers as we need, etc. But as fate would have it, we stumbled upon Rust – and boy oh boy, all my usual gaming crew love it. I cautiously rolled a few servers, and yikes.

I think things are going to flow out in the following direction:

  • I’m going to build up our Rust servers, the features around them, and our community.
  • I’ll then turn my focus to Minecraft – which is ever popular, and always a favourite for all ages!
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will be next though – it’s a free FPS now, so the barrier to entry is low, the skill ceiling is high, and it’s the game that never dies.

I think that’ll see me being very busy over the next few months until about Easter.

Of course, this is me plotting stuff based on having 1 person doing most of the stuff, and friends helping where they can. If you think you can help out, by all means feel free to have a chat to me (again, on Discord) 🙂