Rust servers revamp

Rust servers revamp

22/Jan/2021 @ 07:17:30 - jaytee

After a fairly hectic week of discussion and looking at the way things are set up, we took a long hard look at the most popular servers around in Australia, to try and come up with our own little server, that’ll keep things fair and fun for all.

I think it’s fair to say a lot was broken with the first couple of Rust servers we rolled out in the last few weeks. I’ve had some time to familiarise myself with the game’s setup, and some of the more popular plugins that are going around the community as well.

I rolled out the first of our “official” servers on the 20th, a 100 player Solos/Duos server, and the newer “hands off” approach works really well.

Over the coming days, I’ll be rolling out the Monthly server – again, this is community focused and not modded – so there won’t be any in-game admins.

Both Servers will follow a Friday wipe schedule in line with Facepunch’s Thursday 3pm EST (which looks like this in your local time) wipe schedule. Facepunch’s forced wipes are monthly, and our servers will follow suit to line up (weekly, and monthly)

Figuring it out

The first key step really, was looking at what the bigger servers and their communities were doing, and boy was it different to what we had rolled out.

Originally, we had a plan like this:

There were going to be 2 servers, which we hoped would be set up with great performance, and our game admins would play alongside the gamers who joined in, and would have some fun.

Server 1: – 2.5x Modded TP|INFO|10D wipe cycles
Server 2: -30 wipe cycle, vanilla tweaked (1x rate, increased stacks)

This lead to a number of lessons:

  • Player trust was lost – a lot of gamers don’t trust admins in-game with any sort of abilities whatsoever. And that’s fair enough; if admins are in-game as players, AND have the ability to do things there, it’d be a huge liability in the course of gameplay. In short, our staff will play online, without any administrative abilities.
  • Rust is deceptively fast-paced. When you start, you’re on a beach and you bash stuff with a rock. Until you meet another player, then things go from 0 to 100 km/h in about 300ms. I don’t think we really needed to add in a modified gather rate unless we had an even shorter wipe cycle, which brings me to my next point;
  • Facepunch officially force server wipes across Rust – due to how frequently the game changes and gets updated. This occurs as mentioned above – the first Thursday of the month, at 3pm US EST. For where our server is based (Sydney, Australia) – this means Fridays, 7am. Our wipe schedules are completely out of whack, then. And so to fix this;
  • We’re moving to a Friday Wipe Schedule. Servers will wipe on their cycles (weekly, fortnightly, or monthly) on Fridays, in the afternoon, just before the “weekend” starts for the 9-5ers.
  • The Blueprint Grind is really only amusing so many times. Having to do it week after week, would eventually turn soul crushing. We’re removing BP wipes from the schedule, unless Facepunch forces it.

The New Plan

We’ve got a new set up of servers then, to accommodate these lessons and changes we’ll have three servers setup like so:

  • a Solos/Duos server – with a weekly wipe cycle every Friday at 5pm, this is as close to vanilla as it gets.
  • a Solos/Duos/Trios/Quads server – with a weekly wipe schedule every Friday. Again, close to vanilla!
  • a Monthly server – with a monthly wipe schedule following Facepunch, on the first Friday of the month.

None of these servers will wipe BP unless forced by Facepunch – and all of these servers only allow for very specific admin abilities outside of the game. Actual staff player accounts will not have any permissions to do anything “Admin” like at all.